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  • Farm Fresh Delights

    Harvested with care, served with love

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    Eco-friendly dining

    Indulge in rustic farm fare amidst stunning mountain and sea vistas at Groeneweide Restaurant. From hearty breakfasts to savory stews and juicy burgers, our menu offers a delightful dining experience. Join us for our famed Sunday lunches, a local favorite! Book your table now for a feel-good family feast

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    Homegrown Vegetarian Delight

    Indulge in the flavors of our in season naturally grown vegetables, freshly picked from our farm. Savor the natural goodness and vibrant taste of our farm-fresh produce in a variety of delicious dishes, all prepared with love and care.

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    Farm-to-Table Philosophy

    Embrace the farm-to-table concept as you savor our delicious traditional dishes. Experience the connection between the food on your plate and the source it comes from, as we prioritize sustainability, freshness, and ethical farming practices.


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  • Opening Hours

    Monday to Friday

    09.00 - 16.00


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